C-Rock #Random4

#Random4 - The bilingual web series

These are random conversations with NOT so random guests.

A group of friends stroll around the historic streets of Washington D.C. One of the goals is to display the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, and classical architecture, by revealing more than the obvious. Showcasing the nation’s capital’s distinctive landmarks, through a cinematic style, is another mission. The use of innovative methods are aimed to appeal current and future generations.

The main objective is to touch on worldwide atemporal topics. Whether it’s a current concern (sort of), or a bygone event, these cinematic profiles are carefully crafted to spark an interest to the international crowds. Each episode features a conversation highlighting the past in order to understand the present - and perhaps the future. The series’ unique style, and fresh methodology, are sure to transmit information while entertaining.

All of this is achieved while playing a match of Jenga and by injecting a dose of curiosity to the casual viewer. This is accomplished by taking advantage of the surroundings in each episode to enhance production values, and by delivering a bilingual product capable of reaching audiences around the world.

The General

A King's Love

Vital Traits